Personal Life ResourcesSM

Employee Assistance Program

Help your employees handle personal matters quickly, easily, and confidentially with Personal Life Resources provided by Integrated Behavioral Health¹. Similar to a concierge service, Personal Life Resources gives your employees and everyone in their household access to licensed, advanced-degreed case managers who can help them take care of everyday matters, such as:

  • Legal and financial services including investing, retirement planning, tax planning, and wills
  • Adoption assistance
  • Child care and elder care resources
  • Education planning from preschool through college

Employees and their families also get face-to-face visits with a licensed counselor at no charge, if necessary.

As an employer, you’ll get the benefit of working with experienced professionals who can assist with:

  • Onsite service hours to use at your discretion²
  • Unlimited webinar-based training sessions and supervisory consultations
  • Unlimited consultation with Integrated Behavioral Health clinicians and CEAP staff
  • Critical incident stress debriefings (CISD)
  • Management of referrals
  • Policy development guidance for drug-free workplace programs and DOT/SAP evaluations
  • Utilization reporting
  • Member engagement and communication materials

Plus, you’ll get unlimited webinar-based training sessions, supervisory consultations, and more.

Help that makes a difference

Personal Life Resources can help your employees save time and increase productivity³. Research has shown that programs like Personal Life Resources can help reduce employee stress, improve productivity, and decrease unscheduled absenteeism or lateness.

Please contact your broker, or your AmeriHealth New Jersey account executive for more information or to get a quote.

¹Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH), an independent company, provides Personal Life Resources. IBH does not provide AmeriHealth New Jersey products or services.
IBH is solely responsible for its products and services.
² Included in the Standard Plus package, based on size of group. Available for an additional charge with Standard package.
³Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA)