Vision insurance in New Jersey

Routine eye exams can help protect your sight and detect serious and costly medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. AmeriHealth New Jersey is proud to offer three adult vision plans, administered by Davis Vision®, that go beyond access to eye exams and eyewear.¹

With these vision plans, members save on out-of-pocket costs and have access to eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, and value-added discounts. Members can also take advantage of discounted vision correction services. Out-of-network coverage and Visionworks frame options are available with all plans.

Note: All AmeriHealth New Jersey medical plans include pediatric vision coverage for members younger than 19.

What is vision insurance?

Vision insurance refers to insurance that covers a portion of the cost of vision care, like eye exams, glasses, and contacts.

How do vision plans work?

With an AmeriHealth New Jersey vision plan, you’ll have affordable access to preventive care and other vision services from the Davis Vision provider network. That includes more than 116,000 access points across the country, including Visionworks stores and other retailers.

To find a vision provider, visit

What do vision insurance plans cover?

AmeriHealth New Jersey adult vision plans cover one routine eye exam in full per calendar year as well as:

Frame coverage

  • No-cost and low-cost frames from the Davis Vision Frame Exclusive Collection
  • Exclusive $50 frame allowance enhancement at Visionworks²
  • Out-of-network frame reimbursement for all vision plans

Contact lenses in place of glasses

  • Depending on your plan, no-cost or low-cost contacts are available
  • Out-of-network contact lens reimbursement for all vision plans

Lens coverage

  • Full coverage in network for clear plastic single-vision lined bifocal, trifocal, or lenticular lenses (any prescription)
  • Out-of-network lens reimbursement for all vision plans

Spectacle lenses type and coatings

Depending on the plan you choose, these lens options are either covered in full or with a fixed out-of-pocket cost at an in-network provider:

  • Fashion and gradient tinting of plastic lenses
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Hi-index plastic photosensitive lenses
  • Polarized lenses
  • Progressive lenses (standard/premium/ultra/ultimate)
  • Anti-reflective coating (standard/premium/ultra/ultimate)
  • Blue light lenses
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Scratch protection plan single vision
  • Ultraviolet coating

Take a closer look at AmeriHealth New Jersey vision plan options and benefits.

What additional benefits does a vision plan from AmeriHealth New Jersey offer?

  • Convenient online shopping options, including,, and
  • With a focus on low member out-of-pocket costs, our vision plan options deliver value and choice
  • No matter what plan you choose, members can also take advantage of extra perks like free one-year eyeglasses breakage warranty, discounted pricing on additional pairs of glasses, and LASIK eye services
  • Fully-covered hearing exam, exclusive discounts on hearing supplies, and more from Your Hearing Network
  • Interactive frame try-on tool so you can see what Davis Vision Exclusive Collection frames look like without leaving home4

Compare vision plan options from AmeriHealth New Jersey¹

How much does vision insurance cost in New Jersey?

2022 Vision plan premiums3

Plan Name Adult vision care
Adult vision care
Adult vision care
Tiered premium Monthly Monthly Monthly
Single $10.50 $11.90 $13.00
Subscriber & spouse $21.00 $23.80 $26.00
Parent & child $21.00 $23.80 $26.00
Parent & children $21.00 $23.80 $26.00
Family $31.50 $35.70 $39.00

Why do you need vision insurance?

Preventive vision care is essential for maintaining overall health. Routine eye exams can help protect your sight and detect a number of eye diseases and signs of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, and neurological impairments. Paying for routine eye exams, lenses, frames, and other eye care services can be very costly without vision insurance. Having a vision plan can help offset these costs and shield you from high, unexpected vision care expenses.

How do I sign up for AmeriHealth New Jersey vision insurance?

Adults ages 19 and older can enroll in an AmeriHealth New Jersey vision plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period or during a Special Enrollment Period if they experience a Qualifying Life Event.

Note: Pediatric vision coverage is included in all AmeriHealth New Jersey medical plans.

When you’re ready to enroll, you can sign up at

If you are eligible for financial assistance, please visit the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Questions? If you need any information or assistance with choosing or enrolling in a vision plan, call AmeriHealth New Jersey at 877-744-5422.

¹Administered by Davis Vision.
² AmeriHealth New Jersey affiliate has a financial interest in Visionworks.
3Adult Vision Care plans cover members 19 and older, as well as child dependents ages 19 to 26. Vision benefits for members younger than 19 are included in the medical plans.
4The website for the new try on feature is