Helping Our Health Care Community on the Front Lines of COVID-19

AmeriHealth New Jersey has launched a range of clinical and business initiatives since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to address the key needs of the health care community on the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus. Refer to this page for important resources as we navigate this unprecedented situation together.

Delivering care

Providing greater access. To ensure you can continue to deliver high-quality care to your patients, we are:¬†

  • Offering COVID-19 vaccine coverage and reimbursement. The Federal government is currently covering the cost of the COVID 19 vaccine itself. AmeriHealth New Jersey covers the cost of health professionals administering the vaccine with no cost sharing (co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance) — regardless of where the vaccine is given or if the health professional administering the vaccine is in the AmeriHealth New Jersey network.
  • Expanding use of telemedicine for primary care and specialty care doctors, therapists (occupational, physical, speech), nutritional counselors, and behavioral health specialists with reimbursement at in-office visit rates.
  • Offering free COVID-19 testing for patients at ¬†physician offices, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, drive-thru testing sites, and by home health agencies.
  • Covering in-network, inpatient, acute care treatment for COVID-19 treatment, medical, or behavioral health, with no-copays.
  • Providing coverage for consumer grade pulse oximetry devices for use in the home setting.

Provider News Center. All the services we have made available to your patients can be found on our Provider News Center. This site is continually updated to provide reliable information on COVID-19 care and coverage. Visit the site.

Support for your business

Helping with administrative processes. To make it easier for you to care for your patients, we are:

  • For COVID-19 diagnoses, AmeriHealth New Jersey will continue to temporarily suspend prior authorization requirements for acute inpatient admissions from the Emergency Department at in-network facilities until the end of the federal public health emergency, currently scheduled for July 20, 2021.

PEAR portal and IndexPro™. This new self-service reporting platform is available to providers who participate in our value-based programs. The tools give you a total picture of the patients you are serving, assist you in identifying trends and cost drivers, and helps you focus on improving your performance. Visit the site.

Staying informed

Check back often. As we continue to make changes to our normal business practices, we will keep you informed through this site and the Provider News Center. Questions? Contact us.