Health and benefit articles for our members

It’s important to understand your health benefits, how they work, and laws in place to protect your rights as a member. Each year, we share some important information about your insurance. From details about how we protect your privacy to the support you can receive when managing a chronic condition, you’ll find all this and more. Be sure to bookmark this page to access exclusive articles available online.

Your privacy and information

Protecting your privacy and health information
Member rights and responsibilities

Your care

Physician review, utilization management, and language line services
Finding a network provider
How to plan for your doctor visit
Standards for doctor appointments, wait times, hours, and access
Working with your primary care physician and health care providers to maintain your health
Hospital care procedures
Differences between emergency care and urgent care
Understanding advance directives
Evaluating new and emerging technologies
Quality Management Program
Transitioning from pediatric to adult care
Communication between your health care providers can improve your health

Medications and travel

Prescription drug guidelines
Opioid use and abuse
Using coverage when traveling


Improving health with your Well-being Profile
Reaching a Registered Nurse Health Coach with our 24/7 Health Information Line
Registered Nurse Health Coaches give support for condition management, case management, maternity, and general health concerns
Improve your well-being with Commit2Wellness® Rewards

Contacting us

Accessing benefit and claims information online
Reaching multilingual Customer Service

Claims, appeals, or complaints

Submitting a claim
Making an appeal or complaint

View printed mailer

Individual articles in the printed mailer

Estimate costs before you go to the doctor

Maintaining your privacy

Notice of Privacy Practices

Understanding mastectomy-related benefits