Important information for our members

Hahnemann University Hospital Announcement of Closure

You may be seeing news coverage of Hahnemann University Hospital’s (Hahnemann) planned closure. AmeriHealth New Jersey and Hahnemann University Hospital have a long and positive history of collaboration, and we’re sad and disappointed to hear reports that it is going to close.

What does the announced Hahnemann closure mean for AmeriHealth New Jersey members

Hahnemann and the affiliated physicians, including its employed physicians, are part of the AmeriHealth New Jersey network. Should Hahnemann close, members in the care of Hahnemann-affiliated physicians may follow their physicians to new participating practice locations. If their physicians leave the area or choose not to participate with AmeriHealth New Jersey, members may need to select a new physician.

For members who would like a copy of their medical records, Hahnemann has indicated on its website the following: “before the hospital closes, medical records can be requested by calling the Medical Records Department at (215) 762-7680.”

Our members’ health and the health of the community are our top priorities. We’re here to help members find options for care in our network if needed.

We’re also working with others in the community to find solutions to help the patients, professionals, students, residents, and employees impacted by the reported closing of Hahnemann.

Where can AmeriHealth New Jersey members get more information about the potential effects of the Hahnemann closure?

Members with questions can call our customer service team at the number on the back of their member ID card. As we learn more about the situation, we’ll post updates on this site. In the meantime, we encourage members who are currently scheduled for or receiving care at Hahnemann to talk with their doctors. Doctors who are caring for our members are in the best position to answer questions about current and future care plans.