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Like you, we're based right here in New Jersey, and we focus exclusively on the needs of New Jersey employers. That makes us the perfect partner in managing your employee health benefits. Whatever your size, we know you have very specific needs, and we have plenty of group health plans to meet them.

Determine your group size:

  1. Identify the number of employees who work full time hours.
  2. Add up the total hours worked by part-time employees per month and divide this number by 120.
  3. Add your final numbers from step 1 and 2 together – this will give you your group size.

Small Business

Fewer than 50 employees
As a small business, you may not have a department to handle employee health benefits. AmeriHealth New Jersey is aware of the special kind of support a small business requires, and even more specifically, a small business in New Jersey. Learn about the many programs and tools AmeriHealth New Jersey has to offer and find out about the impact of Health Care Reform on small business like yours.

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Large Business

50 employees or more
Learn how our large selection of plans will cover your vast and unique set of needs while managing health care costs. Also, brush up on important Health Care Reform requirements for large business.

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Fixed Funding

5-150 employees
Fixed Funding offers innovative benefit designs that are flexible, predictable, and cash flow friendly —while providing members with access to high-quality care from an extensive network of doctors and hospitals.

These benefit designs allow the benefits and flexibility of a self-funded health plan with a predictable monthly payment.

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Public Sector Employers

AmeriHealth New Jersey covers the many different needs that fall within the public sector. Learn more and find out how we can help you manage costs and deliver quality health insurance.

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