What you should know about Health Care Reform

Employer Shared Responsibility rule

Because you have 50 or more employees (full-time + full-time equivalent), you are required to offer health care coverage to all your full-time employees or face a penalty. If you have questions regarding the penalties that could impact you, please contact your AmeriHealth New Jersey account representative or broker.

Open enrollment

You don’t have to wait for open enrollment. Generally, you can start offering coverage to your employees at any time during the year.

Distribution of Summary of Benefits and Coverage

You’re required to distribute a standard “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” form to your employees, explaining what their plan covers and what it costs.

Wellness programs tax credits

You could qualify for a tax credit of up to 30% of your cost of health care when your employees participate in approved health and wellness programs and up to 50% for tobacco cessation programs. AmeriHealth New Jersey offers both kinds of programs to employers.