I'm only buying health insurance because I have to.


With the Affordable Care Act in full force, even young and healthy individuals have to buy health insurance. AmeriHealth New Jersey offers an assortment of personal health insurance plans to meet varying budget levels. But be careful, just because a plan costs less up front doesn’t mean it will be the cheapest in the end.

  • Under the Affordable Care Act, we are required to offer what are called "Catastrophic plans" to people under 30. They’re more affordable on a month-to-month basis, but their high deductibles could mean high costs if you get sick or hurt.
  • Some of our plans greatly reduce the risk of out-of-pocket costs without significantly raising your premium.
  • It’s important to be covered, especially if you end up with a $30,000 bill (the average cost of a 3-day hospital stay)*. You would only pay expenses up to plan’s out-of-pocket maximum, and AmeriHealth New Jersey would cover the rest.
  • Every AmeriHealth New Jersey plan features access to Embrace Well-being. As a member, you'll benefit from incentives and tools to help you get well and resources to help you stay well.

If you're struggling to afford health insurance, you might be able to get help from the government. See if you qualify or learn more about Health Care Reform and how it affects you.

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