AmeriHealth New Jersey Announces Early Extension of Dependent Care Coverage

Mount Laurel and Iselin - April 23, 2010 - Beginning June 1, AmeriHealth New Jersey will extend health insurance coverage for young adults up to age 26 who are currently covered by their parents' individual or employer-sponsored health plans.

One provision of the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable  Care Act makes coverage available to adult children up to age 26, on the renewal date of their policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010. By allowing these young adults to remain on their parents' plans starting June 1, AmeriHealth New Jersey is helping families avoid a potential gap in coverage until the new federal healthcare reform provision takes effect.

"In the spirit of the healthcare reform law, we are implementing the new health care coverage requirements of young adult children in advance of the September effective date. We understand the concern parents have over the health insurance needs of their young adult children and we hope this helps those who might otherwise lose their coverage," said Judith Roman, AmeriHealth New Jersey president and CEO.

"AmeriHealth New Jersey focuses solely on the health insurance needs of New Jersey's public entities, businesses, and individuals," continued Roman. "We will continue to work in partnership with key stakeholders to help prepare for the changes healthcare reform will bring."

While the new reform law does not require making coverage available to adult children up to age 26 before September 23, 2010, AmeriHealth New Jersey is choosing to extend health insurance coverage for these young adults beginning June 1.  AmeriHealth New Jersey began discussions shortly after healthcare reform became law to determine how to help young people remain covered through their parents' plans, recognizing that unless health insurance coverage was extended earlier for young adults up to age 26, many young people could lose their coverage before then, only to be added back on when the provision takes effect.

AmeriHealth New Jersey's extension applies to those dependents under 26 who currently have coverage and who would lose that coverage prior to the effective date of the new law. The extension will become part of AmeriHealth New Jersey's individual policies and will also be available to AmeriHealth New Jersey's fully insured employer groups. AmeriHealth New Jersey is encouraging large employers who self-fund their coverage with AmeriHealth New Jersey to extend coverage to their employees' adult children who would otherwise lose their coverage prior to the effective date of the law.

This step demonstrates AmeriHealth New Jersey's commitment the new law and to enhancing and preserving coverage for its members.

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