AmeriHealth NJ Creates Interactive Breast Cancer Awareness Infographic

Cranbury, NJ - October 25, 2012 - There are currently 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States and chances are we all know at least one of them1.

AmeriHealth NJ today released its interactive breast cancer awareness infographic in an effort to educate women on the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and understanding the importance of scheduling recommended mammograms.

“Our goal is to encourage women to ‘think pink’ all year long, not just in October,” said Dr. Lisa Blondin, senior medical director for AmeriHealth NJ. “For a lot of women it’s a natural inclination to put others first, but scheduling the recommended screenings is so important because not every woman who has breast cancer will show symptoms of the disease.”

In New Jersey, 77.3 percent of women age 40 and older have reported having had a mammogram in the last two years, which is slightly higher than the national average of 75.4 percent2.

“Early detection has a significant impact on surviving breast cancer,” said Dr. Blondin. “Women should be aware of changes in their breasts, see their primary care physician regularly and get recommended mammograms. Taking these important steps could literally save your life.”

A pink flag with the words “Survive Breast Cancer” flows from the flagpole in front of AmeriHealth NJ’s headquarters, which can be clearly seen from the NJ Turnpike just past exit 8A in Cranbury.

“Our hope is that the flag serves as an added reminder to the women of New Jersey to schedule the important appointments and screenings they need,” says Dr. Blondin. “It’s also our way of showing support to the many women who courageously battle this disease every single day.”

The interactive breast cancer awareness infographic can be viewed by visiting AmeriHealth NJ’s website.

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* Based on analysis done through an independent source.
¹ American Cancer Society
² (Kaiser Family Foundation

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