AmeriHealth NJ Launches New Interactive Smoking Infographic

Cranbury, NJ - November 21, 2013 - It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you. In fact, tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death, yet more than 43 million people still smoke.1 For that reason, AmeriHealth New Jersey dedicated its latest infographic — The Big Killer — to this important topic. The new, interactive health infographic demonstrates how smoking affects the entire body.

“Smoking is a highly addictive habit that is incredibly hard to break,” says Jill Mitchell, RN, BSN, CPHM, director of clinical service for AmeriHealth New Jersey. “The encouraging news is that nearly 70 percent of U.S. adult smokers have a desire to quit2 and our hope is that this new infographic helps them in some way along that journey.”

AmeriHealth New Jersey’s infographic addresses topics including the health costs of smoking, the percentage of the population across the U.S. that smokes, what cigarettes are made of and the benefits of quitting.

“We are always looking for ways to provide our members with tools that will help them improve their overall health and well-being,” said Mike Munoz, senior vice president of sales and marketing for AmeriHealth New Jersey. “We also encourage our members to take advantage of their workplace wellness programs, which often include smoking cessation programs.”

Each year the American Cancer Society sponsors the annual Great American Smokeout. This year’s Great American Smokeout is recognized today, Thursday, November 21. Smokers are encouraged to create a plan to quit smoking or plan in advance to quit smoking on this day.

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2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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