AmeriHealth New Jersey President and CEO Judith L. Roman recognized as one of the 50 most influential business leaders in South Jersey

Cranbury, NJ — August 6, 2015 — AmeriHealth New Jersey’s President and CEO Judith L. Roman is named one of South Jersey Biz Magazine’s Power 50 and is featured in this month’s issue.

South Jersey Biz sought to recognize South Jersey’s Power Players — men and women who demonstrated an ability to succeed in business in a way that distinguishes them from traditional success stories. The Power Player’s stories are marked by a willingness to take risks, an ability to adapt to any situation, and the courage to face challenges with innovation

Roman is recognized for her vast experience in the healthcare industry, which spans more than three decades. In addition, she is acknowledged for her ongoing dedication to providing New Jersey residents access to affordable, quality health care while empowering them to make informed decisions that will improve their health and well-being.

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AmeriHealth HMO, Inc. and AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey (collectively, AmeriHealth New Jersey) provide health insurance coverage to employers and individuals throughout New Jersey. The company has one of the largest provider networks in New Jersey, and provides access to hospitals and doctors across the nation. The company is also committed to offering value-added insurance solutions for customers through its innovative wellness and incentive programs and benefits designs. The company’s managed care plan, AmeriHealth HMO, Inc. is accredited by National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). AmeriHealth New Jersey and its affiliates are a growing group of insurance and health companies whose product portfolios include health insurance, workers’ compensation, property and casualty insurance, and management services. AmeriHealth New Jersey headquarters are located in Cranbury, NJ. For more information on AmeriHealth New Jersey, visit

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