AmeriHealth New Jersey Expands Suite of Interactive Health Infographics

Cranbury, NJ — January 25, 2016 — The New Year often prompts more keen attention to our health and well-being. If your wellness radar is craving important health information in an easy-to-understand way, you are in luck. AmeriHealth New Jersey today announced the company has expanded its suite of interactive health infographics, which now includes a total of 17.

The new infographics focus on seven common health concerns including:

  • Cold & Flu Facts. A look at the common cold and flu. Some statistics, their symptoms, and some useful prevention techniques.
  • Double Trouble: Asthma & Allergies. Understand the signs, symptoms, and treatment of asthma and allergies.
  • Understanding Thyroid Health. What diseases and conditions affect your thyroid and how do doctors make their diagnosis?
  • Understanding Hypertension. What constitutes unhealthy blood pressure levels, what are the symptoms, and what can you do to reduce your risk?
  • Prostate Health. A look at when men should consider scheduling regular screenings and just how vital they are to longevity.
  • Your Body & Stress. A look at what parts of your body are affected by stress, its dangers, and how to effectively manage stress in a healthy way.
  • Colon Cancer & Nutrition. How the regular consumption of certain foods can help protect you.

Individuals who visit can also view infographics focused on: lung disease, heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and more.

“These health-focused infographics are not only valuable for individuals looking to more clearly understand some of the common health concerns that exist, but they can also be a good tool for employers looking to provide employees with added resources,” said Mike Munoz, senior vice president of sales and marketing for AmeriHealth New Jersey.

Employers may download the infographics directly from to add the insightful tools directly to their own website or Intranet. “For example, an employer searching for ways to help employees manage stress can add the stress infographic tool to its website,” said Dr. Frank L. Urbano, MD, MBA, FACP, senior medical director for AmeriHealth New Jersey. “Employees can then learn tips to manage stress, such as using deep breathing exercises and drinking plenty of water.”

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