Clinical Practice Guidelines

We’re making it easy for you to stay current with the nationally recognized standards of care in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. Our Clinical Practice Guidelines Summary gathers dispersed information into a single comprehensive source for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for specific medical and behavioral health conditions.


In addition, we offer wellness guidelines for children (birth to 17), adults (ages 18 – 64), and adults (ages 65 and older) that provide members with an outline of evidence-based guidelines for preventive health in average risk persons. Members are encouraged to review these recommendations with their health care provider to determine which screenings would be appropriate based on specific patient medical and psychosocial needs.

To request a copy of these guidelines by mail, please complete the online  Office Administration/Patient Education Resources Order Form.


Download our Perinatal Guideline outlining the suggested course of care from preconception to postpartum.