Embrace Well-being

Embrace Well-being is our holistic wellness program featuring rewards, discounts, and a variety of member resources that can help you on your journey to well-being in a way that’s fun and rewarding.

Every AmeriHealth New Jersey plan features access to Embrace Well-being. As a member, you'll benefit from incentives and tools to help you get well and resources to help you stay well.

Embrace Well-being: Online tools

Our online wellness tools are available to all members. They are designed to help you stay motivated on your well-being journey. Earn tokens and badges for every small step you take to reach your well-being goals. It’s simple!

The more you use our Embrace Well-being online tools, the quicker you earn tokens. No matter where you are on your well-being journey, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Achieve your health goals with Embrace Well-being!

Log in to complete your Well-being Profile and get started!

Embrace Well-being: Discounts

Shop smarter, healthier and get active. All AmeriHealth New Jersey members over the age of 18 have access to these discount programs by logging in to amerihealthexpress.com.

  • Discounted gym memberships, fitness wearables, education programs, at home fitness equipment and so much more are available through GlobalFit's Gym Network 360. AmeriHealth New Jersey members have access to exclusive best-in-class pricing from some of the biggest brands in fitness, nutrition and wellness. Set up an account at globalfit.com/amerihealthnj and get started today!
  • Access to a variety of workouts ranging from cycling and yoga to bootcamps and personal training through GlobalFit Anywhere. Learn how to get started with the GlobalFit Anywhere app. It’s the first app connecting you to studios, gyms, and trainers using dynamic pricing. GlobalFit Anywhere's dynamic pricing algorithm analyzes supply and demand and re-balances prices to give you the most up-to-date price.
  • Livewellamerihealthnj.com: score deals on everything from cleaning supplies to nutritious foods or find your new favorite healthy recipe — check in with Live Well regularly for updated coupons, articles, and recipes.
  • AmeriHealth Insider: save up to 60% on tickets, travel, and shopping for a wide range of businesses, from local to national attractions and events. Get started today by visiting amerihealthexpress.com.

Embrace Well-being: Programs and resources

As an AmeriHealth New Jersey member you have access to a variety of innovative support programs: helping you get the care you need, when you need it.

  • Condition and Case Management
    Programs provide 24/7 support from our Registered Nurse Health Coaches for members managing chronic conditions or a complex health situation, such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, cancer or stroke, and many more.1
  • Health Coaching
    Available 24/7 from our Registered Nurse Health Coaches and offers extra support to help you navigate your health journey.
  • Baby FootSteps®
    Prenatal resources and information. Sign up for Baby FootSteps by calling 1-800-598-BABY.
  • On to Better Health
    Because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Log in to amerihealthexpress.com to complete your SmartScreen interactive quiz. Check out the Benefits section to learn more.

Embrace Well-being: Rewards

Embrace Well-being Rewards are only available to small group, large group and public sector plans. See Program rules and Important information for other restrictions.

Get rewarded for your healthy lifestyle!

Benefit from these incentives to help you maintain your well-being both now and in the future. As you complete activities, you may be eligible2 to earn Embrace Well-being dollars3, which can be redeemed for electronic gift cards to a variety of popular retailers. Up to 12 ways to earn4!

Embrace Well-being Rewards activities Log in to find out how many Embrace Well-being dollars you’re eligible to earn.
Physical activity
Mental Health and Well-being self-directed programs6
Mental Health and Well-being professional services6,7
Weight management
Smoking cessation
Nutrition counseling
PCP or OBGYN visit
Flu shot
Dental exam
Healthy Numbers: BMI & blood pressure
Healthy Numbers: cholesterol & glucose
Preventive Screening: breast cancer
Preventive Screening: cervical cancer
Preventive Screening: colorectal cancer

To participate in Embrace Well-being Rewards, you must log in and complete your Well-being Profile. Then, once you complete Embrace Well-being Rewards activities, fill out the Activity Verification form, and submit it to mailto:embracewell-being@amerihealth.com along with supporting documentation to become eligible to redeem your Wellness Dollars for a gift card5.

For more information on how to submit for your Embrace Well-being Reward dollars, log in.

1Condition Management is available at no cost to most members. Please refer to your member materials for the terms, limitations, and exclusions of your health care coverage, or call Customer Service at the number on the back of your medical ID card to find out if you are eligible.

2Eligible members include: active subscribers and spouses over the age of 18, in small group, large group and public sector plans. Ineligible members include: individual consumer market segment, dependent children, and subscribers and spouses under the age of 18.

31 Wellness Dollar = $1.00. To be eligible to redeem any of your Embrace Well-being dollar accruals, you must complete an online Well-being Profile (WBP) on our member portal and one other Embrace Well-being Rewards activity. Once you complete the WBP and an additional activity, you can start redeeming your Wellness Dollars.

4Eligible members can earn up to $150 or $300 Embrace Well-being dollars each program year based on their plan. Embrace Well-being program year runs from December 1 through November 30. Members are not eligible to earn Embrace Well-being dollars for all 12 activities.

5All Embrace Well-being activity must be submitted for review and approval before Well-being dollars are rewarded and redeemed for e-gift cards. Embrace Well-being does not permit self-reportable activity.

6Eligible members are only able to earn Wellness Dollars for either Mental Health and Well-being self-directed programs on amerihealthnj.com OR Mental Health and Well-being professional services. Members are not eligible to earn Wellness Dollars for both.

7Five therapy sessions with a health care professional are required and cannot be combined with self-directed programs on amerihealthnj.com.